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  • Mary Foley

5 Minute Pivot: Kelly Lutman

Have you or a loved one gone to doctor after doctor after doctor and still not made any real progress on your health condition?

You wonder “Why can’t they figure out what’s wrong? What are they missing?”

That’s what my client Kelly Lutman hears everyday as a functional medicine practitioner and founder of Pursue Wellness For You. She works with people to identify the root cause of their symptoms and disease. And then support them to recovery.

When the pandemic hit, those with health challenges were suddenly more vulnerable and Kelly’s expertise was needed more than ever.

But, she had built her practice on in person meetings. And, overnight, her way of delivering her services was gone.

Fortunately, this time, Kelly knew the root cause problem for her business. She immediately transitioned her clients to virtual meetings, including those who didn’t want to or know how.

But she had a deeper-rooted problem. Her belief that virtual meeting would never feel as good. She challenged herself to do what it took to become comfortable and feel emotionally connected with virtual meetings. Because not helping clients felt even worse.

Plus, she also started “providing general support and recommendations to everyone through Facebook Live” because the need was so great. It worked.