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  • Mary Foley

5 Minute Pivot: Becky Premock

When there are so many voices, so many things changing, and so much uncertainty “out there”, where can you look for guidance?

How about “in here”. Or, as my client Becky Premock, creator of Clean and Bright with Becky, [link to] says, “trust your instinct.” That’s what Becky did when the pandemic hit.

Ok, so she freaked a bit like all of us. “At the beginning of the pandemic I wavered, but then I thought I’ve got to push through and do this” she shares in her 5 Minute Pivot story. [link to her YouTube video]

“I had the ideas of creating my own website and offering service surrounding all facets of safer living and products.”

She was already doing this, but more informally. Now was the time to put her knowledge and personalized services all in one place so anyone could access it. As a resource AND a way for her to present herself as a go-to expert for cleaner and safer products.

Instead of a huge pivot, she trusted her gut to expand what she was already doing at a much bigger level.


But not easy. “It takes a lot of hours and lot of energy” to expand, she says.

Worth it? Yes. How’d she keep going? Listen to her story to find out!

And listen to your own instinct to figure out what’s next for your business!


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