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  • Mary Foley

5 Minute Pivot: Ashley Stefanko

When we hear how someone has successfully pivoted their business it’s super easy to focus on what they changed – their new products or services, their customers, or new ways they are selling.

But NONE of that is their first pivot.

The first pivot we all make before anyone sees anything new changes to our business is the pivot within.

Ashley Stefanko, professional organizer and founder of Home Re-Imagined, knows this firsthand.

When the pandemic happened, everyone was at home and no one wanted her to come into their home and potentially infect it with COVID.

Which suddenly left her with time on her hands.

And things on her business to-do list that she never seemed to have enough time for.

But, would she use this “extra” time to work ON her business?

That was her first choice and internal pivot.