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  • Mary Foley

5 Minute Pivot: Amber Tichenor

“Don’t get stuck in the black and white. There’s a lot of insight in the grey” said my client Amber Tichenor, PhD.

Mic drop.

There’s real power in those words. Let me pick up the mic and tell you why this was especially meaningful coming from Amber.

Six months ago, when the pandemic started, Amber’s To Be Coaching + Consulting business suddenly stopped. Most of her work was working with large audiences and groups in corporations.

And, suddenly, her two kids were no longer going to school. Instead, she was figuring out what virtual school meant with new schedules, computers, internet bandwidth, and antsy middle schoolers.

Then, her mother suddenly needed help recovering from surgery – five states away!

Life wasn’t black or white. It was a whole lotta grey.

When it came to her business, her insight was to take her laundry list of things to-do for her business and focus on 2 things she wanted most:

Finish writing her book and expand her network by guesting on podcasts and webinars