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  • Mary Foley

2021 Success Means Ditching This

You know how sometimes you read a book and get a ton of ideas and insights? And other times it’s just one thing, but that one thing is totally worth it? This past Thanksgiving a friend gave me a book titled “Life is a Bicycle: If You Stop Pedaling You’ll Fall Off.” It even had a red bicycle on the cover! A few days later when I was reading, I came across these words: “while biking every day…” Not even a full sentence and I had to stop. “Every day?! I could never bike everyday” I whispered to myself. Dismayed, I put the book down and let it go. But the idea wasn’t about to let go of me. The words came back: biking every day. But this time a new thought immediately came up. “That’s exactly why you need to do it. You need to bust your limiting belief that you won’t have the energy.” You see, I was just getting my energy back from months of intensity… and that was on top of managing hypothyroidism, a condition that zaps your energy by handicapping your body from turning food into fuel. So, of course, I could never bike every day.

Except there was also the fact that I didn’t even own a bike until last March and since then I had pedaled nearly 1000 miles. Including twice doing a 50-mile ride. Even during those months of intensity. The truth has a way of snapping us into reality. Suddenly, this nagging, self-limiting belief became so irritating! I became annoyed that I was letting this belief define me. Though I had not biked every day, there was clear evidence that I could bike. A lot. So, in that moment I decided to do something to get rid of this belief. I put myself on a 30-day challenge of biking everyday starting December 1. My own “rules” were simple: Get on my bike every day. No matter how long. No matter the weather. Take a photo and post it to Facebook. Some days I biked in 20 and 30 degrees. Some days were super short (around a parking lot) and others longer (Dec 23 I did another 50-miler!). Some days I looked forward to it and others I didn’t want to get out there. But I did get out there and posted a photo to meet my challenge. The comments cheering me on blew me away and totally kept me going on the days I didn’t feel like biking. My final ride on December 30 felt incredible! It was a mix of deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude. My limiting belief was smashed to smithereens and my heart was full from so much encouragement.

Why am I sharing all this?

Because to have a successful business in 2021 will require you to bust self-limiting beliefs. Only the bold and strong will thrive in a tough marketplace.

Beliefs like..

“Clients are hard to get or keep these days.” “That kind of marketing won’t work.” “I can’t charge that much.” “Meeting virtually isn’t effective (and sucks!).”

My bike challenge reminded me loud and clear that the best way to bust through these deep routed thoughts is to have a simple plan, take consistent action, and don't do it alone.

That’s why I’ve put together the 30-Day Challenge to Rev Up Your Business. This 30-Day Challenge will give you…

  • CLARITY of what’s most important now to grow your business

  • CONSISTENTCY of action with a ton of encouragement

  • COMMUNITY of like-mind women entrepreneurs who are as committed to thriving as you are

This 30-Day Challenge is the perfect setup to help you identify, ditch, and replace self-limiting thoughts or beliefs about growing your business this year. You will figure out what does work and then start doing it!

Imagine how kick ass you will feel after 30 days! You may even want to hold your bike over your head, ha!

You owe it to yourself to the details about the 30-Day Challenge to Rev Up Your Business and see if it's the perfect setup for you.

We start this Friday, January 15 and spots are limited! (If you want to chat first, schedule a quick convo here.)


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