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  • Mary Foley

10 Practical, Productive, Fun Tips to Help You Thrive on Change

When it comes to thriving on change, it's easy to ask what's practical and more productive. But, fun?

As the world turns faster and faster, as events come at us like a bad movie marathon, and as we start down new paths in our businesses and lives, the ability to stay sane amidst the swirl isn’t just nice, it’s a critical, strategic skill.

Here are 10 tips to thrive on change that are practical, productive and fun!

#1  See change for what it is

Change is uncomfortable, so we avoid it. But, to have any chance of thriving on change, you have to accept that it’s happening. See it for what it is – and what it isn’t. Face it, get the facts, and understand what it really means.

#2  Get mad, cry and whine.

Change is emotional. If you bottle up your feelings, they will only work against you. So allow yourself to get mad, cry and whine. But only for a short time and not at others. During a 20 minute shower is a good option. You’re wet anyway.

#3  Ask “Now what?”

Acceptance doesn’t mean you like the change that’s happening or that you agree. Laurel Holland, author of Courageous Woman: Live Your Inner Power, says it’s not “This is okay, I will do nothing," but rather, "This is okay and now what?” Which leads to the next tip.

#4  Do one small thing.

And then another and another and another. Taking action, no matter how small, keeps you moving and gives you the energy to move through change.

When you’re moving, you can adjust. When you’ve stopped for too long, you get stuck.

#5  Brainstorm the benefits.

All change isn’t bad. In fact, embedded in every change happening in your life there is some kind of benefit. Sometimes it’s obvious, but often it’s not.

Seriously ask yourself “What can I learn from this? How can I grow? What is this change causing me to think about or do differently that benefits me?”

#6  Notice what’s going right.

In the swirl of change you’re up, down, and sideways. It is way too easy to think it’s all just a mess and with no forward progress. Take time to notice every little thing that’s going right. You might be delightfully surprised!

#7  Take time to process.

Regularly give yourself some time to just sit still and think about what’s happening, how you feel about it, and your possible next move. Otherwise you’re only reacting to the next thing that happens.

#8  Pile it on.

Ever notice that sometimes the biggest shifts in your life happen all at once? You change careers, you move to a new home, and you get remarried all within 6 months. Sounds crazy, but since you’re already in the midst of a shift happening in one part of your life, why not add another?

You’re already in the mindset so leverage it! Losing 20 pounds may now be a snap.

#9  Be goofy.

Humor has a way of giving you an instant vacation and melting away stress. So purposely add fun and humor to your life. Seek out funny videos and share them with friends. Put on your earplugs and dance down the hall. Wear outrageous sunglasses to meetings. You will lighten up yourself and everyone around you.

#10  Reach out when you’re in a funk.

You will have times when you are outright bummed. When you’re not feeling the Uptown Funk, reach out to get some spunk.

Text, email, make a call, meet for lunch. You weren’t meant to go through this alone.



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