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[Gotta Quick Question] Can I trust my feelings?

Have you ever felt something was too good to be true?  That's how Issy felt when she asked me:

Can I trust my good and bad feelings in a dream-come-true scenario?

Isn't a dream come true scenario what we all want and work so hard for?  Sounds wonderful!  But, maybe, just maybe, it will all fall apart and then you're hurt and disappointed...again

Instead of a dream, it's a nightmare!   Maybe it's better to not trust your feelings after all.

Before you jump to that conclusion, consider these ideas...

What YOUR question?  Ask me now here and I may use it for an upcoming video!

The Perfect Setup for Influencing, Impacting and Moving Others

 By Mary Foley

Chances are you hate the idea of selling. So used car salesman.  But, what if you realized you are already in sales and that, as a woman, you have the perfect setup to be very, very good at it – for all the right reasons?

I realized this myself when I recently read the book To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink, a book I highly recommend every aspiring woman read for her career (as well as personal life).  Here's a quick 2-minute video on the book that's worth watching:


Pink shares research that 1 out of 9 Americans are in a traditional sales role.  The real kicker is that the other 8 – that would be you and me – are also in sales.  We're spending 40% or more of our time trying to influence, convince, or otherwise “move” others to approve an idea, allocate resources, or join in a special effort.  Can you relate?

Sometimes, it's not so fun.  People resist, they question your intent, or they don't believe you. 

But here's the real hope and what I was most excited about:  After listening to the characteristics and skills of effective “sales” people, something was very, very obvious to me that he didn't include:

Women are amazing movers!

Our natural focus on relationships and helping orientation to others is the PERFECT setup for influencing, impacting, and moving others. 

If you are already...

  • Seeking common ground with the others
  • Asking questions and talking less
  • Being a good listener
  • Sharing helpful information
  • Being positive and upbeat
  • Wanting the best for others

 ...then you are doing what it takes to be good at “moving” others...for your career, with your family, for causes you care about, and more.

You not only need to realize this, you need to focus on enhancing these abilities and start doing them even more deliberately.  So you can make the most impact and navigate your career the way you want it to go!

Who can help?  Well, Daniel Pink, of course.  As I said, I highly recommend his book. 

You can also watch my video on how to sell your skills and abilities without feeling selfish, foolish or irritating by going here:  Free video “Muster Your Mojo, Market Your Value.” 


Question:  What skills have helped you influence and move others?  Add them to the Comments below!

[Gotta Quick Question] What to do about supervisor's lack of support?

 Have you ever shared Bobbi's dilemma:

“I'm finding a lack of support from my immediate supervisor.  It's frustrating because when he needs support I work overtime or go the extra mile.  But, when I need his backing he's absent.  It's very upsetting!

Instead of a supervisor, it might be your co-worker, supplier, or friend.

And I call this one as I see it.  Watch now to see what I mean...


P.S. – What YOUR question?  Ask me now here and I may use it for an upcoming video!

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