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How to Handle a co-worker Who Interrupts

Ever feel frustrated by a co-worker who often interrupts or talks over you? You’re not alone! That’s exactly what was happening to Chere who recently asked me:

“I have a co-worker who tends to talk over me and interrupt when I say something.  I haven't figured a good way to say ‘Hey, wait! I'm still talking!’"

Thing is, some people don’t even know they are doing this or that it’s rude. It’s all in my latest Gotta Quick Question video I share 3 steps to solve Chere’s problem – and yours! Take a look!


What It Means to Be a Bodacious Woman

If you can SEE this blog post, be thankful. Millions of people have impaired eyesight limiting their ability to read, which can be isolating in a world full of visual information. Imagine no email, no texts, no Facebook posts, no web articles, no books or newspapers!

That’s why I’m so impressed with Virginia Voice – a radio broadcast service that literally reads publications and shares news out load for those with eyes who cannot see and hands that cannot turn the page.

Recently I was honored to be interviewed by Jennifer Robbins at Virginia Voice to share about my book Bodacious! Woman: Outrageously in Charge of Your Life and Loving It! (which is available in audio as well as print).

Virginia Voice interview - May 2014 - cropped

When you listen, you will hear:

  • What it really means to be a Bodacious Woman
  • The inspiring story of a historical “Queen of Bodaciousness”
  • An easy strategy to boost your bodaciousness everyday
  • How to feel more bodacious in challenging times

It’s an easy listen while you respond to emails, do paperwork, or (cough) write that report!  In addition to using your eyes and ears, I hope this interview makes you smile as well. Listen now!

Being Bodacious is the New, Improved Bossy

Lucy Van Pelt of Peanuts cartoon fame must love that Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and Anna Maria Chavez, CEO of the Girl Scouts U.S.A, have a new mission to “Ban Bossy.” One cartoon ends with Linus on his back after being broadsided with a pillow because he called his sister “bossy.” “She can stand being called anything but ‘Bossy’!” he says. Even Lucy knows that being called bossy is negative, especially for girls.

Im not bossy.  Im bodacious

“Confident girls are often called the other B-word, and it can keep them from reaching their full potential” state Sandberg and Chavez in the Wall Street Journal. In fact, according to, girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem “bossy” and tend to hold themselves back. Which is a real shame because over half of the U.S. workforce are women and we need more women at all levels who will step up into leadership roles.

But, here’s the thing. We can’t just throw out one long-held term without replacing it with another. And, we certainly don’t want the original B-word to take its place!

So here’s my suggestion: Bodacious! (I literally wrote the book on it.)

Bodacious is not just the new bossy. It’s the new and improved bossy. Here’s why:

  1. Bodacious is positive.   The dictionary definition includes descriptors such as bold, outstanding, remarkable, and audacious.  In fact, the common belief is that bodacious started as a combination of the words bold and audacious. Bring on your red cape!
  1. Bodacious is fun! You can say it fast or you can say it slow, but you can’t say it without putting a smile on your face and those who hear it. Seriously, it’s darn near impossible.
  1. Bodacious is much more female than male. One of the reasons saying the word cracks a grin is because of its unofficial association with a definitive female body part - ta-ta’s. Instead of shying away from their God-given breasts, women should be proud that they have a unique ability to feed and nurture new life. But instead of getting uptight about some people’s ta-ta’s connotation, lighten up and let it simply be a humorous side note. Lighten-up and laugh about it and others will, too.

Bodacious is a great word for women and girls to claim for themselves. It brings up a vigorous feeling of being courageous, creative and self-respecting while being completely, thoroughly, full-speed-ahead, knowing who you are and relishing the experience, without apology.

With this perspective, you begin to see bodacious women all around you.

In today’s news, you won’t see a female elected official causing a commotion; you see a woman taking a stand for what she believes is right. When talking with a co-worker who is struggling, you see a gutsy woman figuring out the words to say to her manager about her dissatisfaction. In speaking with a neighborhood mom who is hesitant about confronting her teenager about drugs, you see a compassionate woman courageously initiating a conversation that may save her child’s life.

Lucy Van Pelt would agree that not a single one of them would ever be called bossy. They would be bodacious!

What do you think? Share your bodacious thoughts below!

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