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Will 2014 Be Your Year to Be Part Of The 39%?

I want to be part of the 39 percentAs you start a brand New Year with brand new opportunities, did you know that…

... By 2015 over half of all jobs will require skills that only 20% of people posses? (American Society of Training & Development)

...60% of all jobs 10 years from now haven't been invented yet? (Futurist Thomas Frey)

…Yet 61% of working women say they only have "a little" or "some" confidence? (Bodacious! Ventures survey)

Bottom line: If your career isn’t already changing, get ready. Whether you work for others or work for yourself, it’s very likely this year you’re going to need new skills, new mindset, and a new plan.

A huge key to navigating this change will be confidence. The
39% of women who have more confidence more of the time have it because they focus on 2 incredibly important things:

 1)    How to THINK. If you don’t change some of your mindset, forget it. Success starts between your ears.

 2)    What to DO. If you don’t take action on an idea or learn new skills, all the mental adjustment in the world won’t matter.

That’s the foundation of my video program Keys to Being a Confident, Courageous, Career-Savvy Woman. It’s truly a speed course that cuts to the chase and gives you specifics on how to THINK and what to DO to increase your career confidence.

In just 15 – 20 minutes per module you will significantly up your career-savvy ASAP in 7 key areas, including how to create key career relationships, how to navigate career change, how to talk about the value you’re already bringing each day, how to think and be strategic, how to deal with power plays, and more.

If in 2014 you want to be part of the 61% who have only “a little” or “some” confidence for the changes ahead, don’t change a thing.

But, if you want this to be the year you join the other 39% of women who are feeling confident, take a good look at Keys to Being a Confident, Courageous, Career-Savvy Woman. 

And do it soon because
through January 1st you can save $100 off the regular price making it only $97! Just enter special code “holiday13” at checkout.

Here’s to being part of the 39%!

Why Santa's Job Rocks!

Santa_with_sign_-_My_Job_RocksBy Mary Foley

Santa Claus is one lucky guy!  When it comes to the top five contributors to job satisfaction recently identified by the Society of Human Resource Management, Santa’s job has them all.  Seriously.  See what I mean:

#1 – Opportunities to Use Skills/Abilities
Being able to assess naughty versus nice.  The memory of a Cray supercomputer.  Keeping up with ever-changing toy trends.  These are just three of Santa’s amazing abilities that are constantly in demand for his job.

#2 – Job Security
Since the 4th century, Santa has been supplying gifts to the biggest birthday party of the most popular person in human history.  And with over 7 billion people in the world, his customer base is growing.  His job isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

#3 – Compensation/Pay
No one knows exactly what Santa makes, but I’m pretty sure part of his compensation is in milk and cookies.  I’m also pretty sure that he’s a frugalista because he saves a ton with his one-look wardrobe!

#4 – Communication Between Employees and Senior Management

He’s doing something right because Santa’s elves always seem smiley and grateful to be in his workshop.  They don’t even seem to mind those funny uniforms.  Or the tremendous overtime hours during the holidays.  He should share his communication magic by creating an online management course for corporate execs!

#5 – Relationship with Immediate Supervisor

They say that behind every successful man is a powerful woman, so chances are that Mrs. Claus is Santa’s immediate supervisor.  And, of course, we all know that if mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  Thankfully, Santa is in the happiness business …starting with his boss!

And that’s not all.  In addition to these five factors (and this isn’t in the SHRM report), he must be jazzed because his annual performance review is free of office politics, he has an unlimited budget, and no one criticizes him for being old or overweight

Let’s face it.  If the job for being “the” Santa Clause ever becomes available, the number of applicants and the selection process will be crazy!  Just crazy!  Your best bet is to simply enjoy the benefits of a job well done by Santa – and find a satisfying career of your own!


This quiz is a hoot – and oh, so real!

increasing career confidence in busy you!Don’t you love quizzes?

I recently found one that in 10 quick questions not only gives you feedback on how well you handle office politics, but is also a ton of FUN!

I know!  Office politics and fun – hard to believe it, but it’s true!

In just 3.76 minutes up can find out how well you do in situations such as…

  • How to handle the office “pet”
  • What to do if you’ve sent a scathing rant about your boss to your coworkers
  • A new manager who rubs people the wrong way
  • Whether you can avoid office politics by keeping your head down and just working
  • A coworker who is always hogging information and deliberately leaving you off emails
  • The coworker who steals your “big idea”
  • And the office gossip who talks about everyone behind their backs

To take the quiz right now, go here.  Love to know how you scored!

If you scored less than an 8, here’s something I’ve put together for you to up your career-savvy in dealing with power plays.  It’s my new video on the 7 most common power plays every woman must know, how to respond, and more!

These are all practical ideas based on personal experience and research that you can use right away.

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